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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Devices With One Click – Dr.Fone

Rooting your Android phone is one of the ways where you get special permissions and extra features for your device. Especially if your device is not running the stock version of Android then you might be able to remove the bloatware installed on your phone by your carrier or your device manufacturer. Rooting also gives you access to other features like installing a custom ROM on your device, updating the firmware even if it is not officially released by your OEM. A few third-party apps even provide you with additional functionality if your device is rooted, like recovering your deleted files, modifying system configuration and so on.

Samsung users, in general, prefer rooting their device in order to replace the default Touchwiz OS or the Experience UI with the stock version of Android as it is cleaner in design and also has less to no bloatware. But the most popular method for rooting Samsung Galaxy devices is to use the Odin software which is an exclusive solution provided by Samsung for installing firmware updates or rooting your device. However, everyone might not be comfortable with using that software as it involves a few complicated steps and you might end up bricking your device or losing your data.

Fortunately, Odin is not the only option to root your Samsung device and there is simply one-click solution where you can root almost all popular Samsung devices with one click. This could be achieved with the help of a software called Dr.Fone toolkit which is a completely free to download software available for Windows and the best part about this software is that it even helps you to unroot your device. This means that you can gain back the voided warranty whenever you want by just unrooting your device using the Dr.Fone Toolkit. However, this only works if you root your device using the same software.

So if you just got a Samsung Galaxy device and want to root it or root your older Samsung device to update to the latest firmware or improve its performance or battery life without involving too much risk, then dr.fone is the ideal solution as you can root your Samsung Galaxy device with a single click and without any cost. Just follow the below step by step instructions to proceed to root your Samsung Galaxy device.

The main reason for suggesting Dr.Fone Toolkit for rooting your Samsung Galaxy device is that it is completely free of cost and it provides you with a one click hassle free solution to root your Samsung Galaxy device. Dr.Fone Toolkit stands out from other similar software by the fact that it not only roots your device, it could also unroot it. This means that if you want to regain your lost manufacturer warranty when you rooted your device, you can simply use Dr.Fone to unroot it. However, this only works if you have rooted your device with Dr.Fone Toolkit, not by any other method.


  • Make sure you backup all your important data to a safe place before you proceed further.
  • Ensure that your battery percentage is at least 60% to prevent any interruptions during the process.
  • Enable USB debugging and install all the necessary drivers for your device.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Devices With One Click (dr.fone Toolkit)

Step 1:

First download and install the dr.fone wondershare – Android root software on your Windows PC or Laptop and then open it

Step 2:

Now connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your PC using the USB Cable and click on the root option on the home screen of the dr.fone wondershare – Android root software.

Step 3:

You will now receive a popup notification on your device to enable USB Debugging. Once you enable it, your device will be automatically recognized by the software.

Step 4:

Once your device is successfully detected, dr.fone wondershare – Android root software will display a Root now button to begin the rooting process. Just click on the button to proceed.

Step 5:

The dr.fone wondershare – Android root software will now automatically begin to root your device by selecting the best possible method, a message popup will appear for confirmation during this process, just click on confirm to continue.

Step 6:

Wait for a few seconds till the process is completed and do not remove the USB Cable or disturb the connection during the process. Your phone might restart several times during this process.

Step 7:

As soon as the process is completed, the dr.fone wondershare – Android root software will now display a phone rooted message which means your Samsung Galaxy device is successfully rooted.

If you had any issues during the process, just let us know in the comments below for help!

This post was last modified on January 10, 2019 2:19 pm

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