PhoenixCard Download (for Allwinner A10 ARM SoC)

Similar to creating bootable disks for Windows operating systems, Android lets you create bootable storage devices for certain chipsets. One such software is PhoenixCard. PhoenixCard creates bootable images and writes them to removable media such as SDcards. It is an application that burns Android firmware on SD cards for Allwinner A10 ARM SoC devices. This SDcard then placed on the Android device boots up from the firmware burnt to the card.

This application was released by Allwinner Inc and is primarily used for Allwinner A10 ARM processors. Other chipsets have easier ways to install the firmware. The Allwinner A10 SoC was a major success for Allwinner. The capabilities of this budget chipset enable it to compete with the likes of higher-end chipsets like the Nvidia Tegra 2. Rather than being used in Android Phones, it is mostly used in some Android and Linux based mini Sticks and also some budget Android Tablets.

PhoenixCard Download

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Features of PhoenixCard

One-Touch Firmware Flash

PhoenixCard allows Android firmware flash to you SDcards by creating a bootable image on your SDcards.Start by inserting the SD card on a card reader and plug it into your computer.Open the application, choose the firmware and flash it.

Allwinner A10 ARM Processor

This application is mostly for devices having Allwinner A10 ARM Processor, as for other devices, there are easier methods to install the firmware.

Creates Disk Partition

A hidden partition is created on your SDcard while creating a bootable disk, that can’t be otherwise formatted

Format to Normal

After creating a bootable SDcard with your required firmware, it is read, by the RomBoot of your device. After installing the firmware, you can restore this card to a normal memory card using the applications format feature.

Things to Note

  • This is windows only software, no support for any other operating systems
  • Flashing the firmware wipes the entire SDcard, so please Backup the files on the SD card before starting.
  • Please use an SD card of 8gb or above (Class 10 would be best)
  • This software is for devices having Allwinner A10 ARM Processor, therefore using it for other devices will result in damaging your device.

Download PhoenixCard Tool

Link: Download V 3.1.0


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