How to Install Stock Firmware on Huawei/Honor Phones

How to Install Stock Firmware on Huawei/Honor Devices: In this detailed guide, we’ll let you know that how you can install stock firmware on Huawei/Honor devices via HuRUpdater tool. We’ll need the latest version of a custom recovery like TWRP Recovery or the dload method to flash the stock firmware. So if you want to install stock firmware and restore Huawei/Honor phone back to factory settings then go ahead and follow the given guide. If you are a beginner then it’s good to tell you that why should you restore stock firmware on Huawei/Honor devices.

The stock firmware is necessary if your device is rooted and has a custom ROM or TWRP installed, and you want to take OTA updates. Also, restoring the stock firmware can also help you recover your phone from a mere soft-brick. As we have mentioned above, there are two methods to flash stock firmware on Huawei/Honor devices. Method 1 – using the HuRUpdater tool to flash stock firmware using TWRP recovery and Method 2 – Using Dload.

How to Install Stock Firmware on Huawei/Honor Phones

Using HuRUpdater Tool:

Thanks to the XDA senior member zxz0O0 for providing the HuRUpdater (Huawei Recovery Updater) which is a simple tool. It is commonly used to install the official stock firmware directly via TWRP. This tool does not let you flash stock firmware on Huawei/Honor devices using TWRP but enables you to maintain TWRP recovery once the flashing process completes. This is a recommended method for those users running their devices having a custom ROM installed or rooted devices. Follow the given guide to install stock firmware on Huawei/Honor devices.

Using Dload:

Users having devices running completely stock firmware without any modifications can use the Method 2 – Using Dload. This method is very simple and easy to install stock firmware on your Huawei/Honor devices. But please note that you can use this method if your phone’s software is not modified in any way. Now have a look on the Huawei/Honor devices that support HuRUpdater tool first.

Huawei/Honor Devices like Huawei P8 Lite (2017), Huawei P9, Huawei P9 Lite, Huawei P Smart, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei P20, Honor 8, Honor 9, Honor View 10 that Support HuRUpdater Tool.


  • Create a full backup of all your important data before proceeding to the installation guide. You can follow this guide to backup your rooted or non-rooted devices.
  • Mak sure that the battery level of your phone is about 70 to 80% to avoid unexpectd shutdowns.
  • A compatible micro SD card

Go ahead and follow the given instructions to install stock firmware on Huawei/Honor devices.

Download Huawei/Honor Stock Firmware

1. Go to Huawei Firmware Database and download Huawei/Honor stock firmware.

2. After opening the above link on your browser, just enter the phone’s model number in the provided field.

3. A list of available firmware packages, their version, and upload date will appear.

4. Under the ‘Update files’ section, click on the corresponding ‘filelist‘ and download the stock firmware files.

5. Please remember to download the ‘FullOTA-MF‘ file-type. A full firmware package will have the following files:


Also, you can use the Huawei Firmware Finder Tool to grab the latest stock firmware package. All credits go to Team MT for providing the tool.

How to Install Stock Firmware on Huawei/Honor Devices

You can use the following two methods to install stock firmware on Huawei/Honor Devices.

Method 1: via HuRUpdater Tool with TWRP

1. First of all, download stock firmware for your Huawei or Honor device by following the above-given guide.

2. Now, download the HuRUpdater Tool:

3. Connect your device to the computer via its USB data cable.

4. Create a new folder named “firmware” on the root of the SD card and move the downloaded stock firmware as well as HuRUpdater zip files to it.

5. After transferring the stock firmware file, disconnect the device.

6. Boot your Huawei/Honor phone into TWRP recovery by pressing and holding the device-specific button combination.

Note: You can use this guide to enter into TWRP Recovery:

Alternatively, you can use the following ADB command:

adb reboot recovery

7. While your device is in TWRP Recovery, tap on ‘Install‘.

8. Navigate to the SD card and select the ‘‘ file.

9. Finally, install stock firmware on Huawei/Honor devices by swiping the button to confirm.

10. Wait until the flashing process completes, press ‘Reboot System’ to boot your phone back into the stock firmware.

Method 2: via dload

1. First, download the stock firmware for Huawei/Honor phone by following the above process.

2. Unzip the ‘‘ file on the desktop of your computer to get the ‘UPDATE.APP‘ file.

3. Now, make a folder named “dload“ on your computer.

Note: Make sure all the letters are in lower case.

4. Transfer ‘UPDATE.APP’ file to the ‘dload’ folder.

5. Connect your Huawei/Honor phone to the computer via its USB data cable.

6. Transfer the ‘dload’ folder to the root folder of your SD card on the phone.

7. Disconnect the device from the computer after the transferring process completes.

8. Power OFF your device and hold the Volume Up + Power button at the same time until the Huawei/Honor logo appears.

9. Your phone will automatically initiate to install stock firmware.

10. A message will appear that the update was successful and your phone reboot automatically.

Keep in mind that your phone may take about 2 to 4 minutes even more to boot for the first time after installation. Now follow the on-screen instructions and finish the setup once your phone boots into the OS.

These were the easy steps to install stock firmware on Huawei/Honor devices using HuRUpdater with TWRP or dload. Let us know in the comments area below if you have any question or trouble while following the above guide.

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