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How to Disable Force Encryption on Nexus 6 to Improve Performance

Here is how to disable force encryption on Nexus 6 to improve performance. Android Lollipop is the first OS version which comes with the forced encryption feature enabled by default. As you may know that the forced encryption feature is present in the previous Android operating systems since Android 3.0 Honeycomb but after doing analysis, it has been reported that this feature is affecting the performance of Google’s Nexus phone running on the latest mobile OS, Android Lollipop.

According to AnandTech, all writes to disk have the information encrypted before it’s committed, and all reads have the information decrypted before they’re returned to the process encryption is enabled). And thus, it is observed the significant performance slowdown on Nexus 6 by using this feature (FDE). Follow the given guide to disable force encryption on Nexus 6.

Disable Force Encryption on Nexus 6

So if you have a Nexus 6 device and performing more slowly then you can disable force encryption feature to speed up the device, as the manufacturer of Nexus 6 (Motorola) has provided a build to disable FDE. bbedward (recognized XDA developer) has shared a guide on how to disable force encryption on Nexus 6 and some stock Android Lollipop builds with no force encryption as well.


Ready to boost the speed of your Nexus 6? Follow the given instructions to disable force encryption feature.

Warning: will not responsible for any kind of damage or lose occurred to your Nexus 6. Proceed at your own risk.


  • Make a proper backup of all your important data.
  • Don’t forget to charge the battery of your Nexus 6. It should be charged about 80% before proceeding.

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Steps to Disable Force Encryption on Nexus 6

1:- Turn Off your Nexus 6 in order to boot into bootloader mode.

2:- Now turn it On by pressing and holding Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for a while.

3:- If the Nexus 6 is not already unlocked then Unlock it (fastboot oem unlock), this process will wipe all the data of your device. To do so, execute the following command in fastboot mode.

fastboot oem unlock

Note:- Unlocking the Nexus device will automatically run encryption, therefore do not boot Android write your most important stuff down and then continue without backing up your Nexus 6.

5:- Flash the boot.img noencrypt file which you have already downloaded from the above link, in the bootloader by executing the given command:

fastboot flash boot boot_noforceencrypt.img

6:- Next, you’ll require a factory reset to to disable encryption, you can do it by fastboot format userdata, in

Settings –> Backup & Reset or in Recovery

7:- If the above given procedure doesn’t work, then go back into the bootloader and flash the stock image.

8:- If you wish to root your device or even flash TWRP then run CF-Auto-Root.

9:- Updates will overwrite this and will turn on encryption back. You can either update manually or remove the boot.img from update, if you don’t like to encryption to get turned back on.

That’s All! You’ve Disabled the Forced Encryption feature on your Nexus 6.

These were the complete steps to how to disable force encryption on Nexus 6. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any query or issue while disabling the forced encryption feature on your Nexus phone.



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