Best 5 Artificial Intelligence Android Apps – Must Have 

Well, the world is definitely moving towards the technology of artificial intelligence as new ideas keep on implementing. Even you can access and transform your Android devices into an AI machine by downloading and installing a number of apps from the Google play store. Before we start out the list of some of the best and most popular AI apps, let’s make it clear what AI actually means.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

A few decades ago an altogether new theory was proposed for the development of computer systems will perform tasks that require human intelligence, such as decision-making, and resolving problems and queries.

Artificial intelligence is termed (AI) as the intelligence displayed by machines, that is induced artificially with the help of programming languages. In a simpler way, the machine is obliged to follow your order and commands, interpret and implement subsequently or help you with reasoning and problem-solving capabilities. The concept is quite similar to a servant that obeys and follows your commands the only difference being that this time you have a manipulated machine in front of you instead of a human.

Top 5 AI Apps for Android

Some very good and common examples of AI include drones, multiple search engines like Google and the very well known and appreciated online assistant called as Siri and many more incredible and intellectual applications. However, it wasn’t until Siri that they became a really big deal. The popularity of artificial intelligence is widespread since almost everyone is well aware of SIRI which is the best virtual assistant whether you need a guide to driving a car or search the web for shopping online according to your needs and demands or simply for some tips to improve your cooking experience. SIRI is the most common and acknowledged artificial intelligence virtual assistant by far.

However, SIRI is not the only one that stands out the crowd including others that have certainly reached beyond the scope of a common human brain (you have no idea how incredible and useful these applications are if of course,  you know how to operate and handle them)

So, we have searched the web and listed some of the best and most popular AI apps that you should try on your android device.

Google Allo

Google AlloGoogle Allo is one of the smartest messaging apps that you could have ever heard of. The app is almost as if you are having a personal  Google Assistant. You can respond to messages without typing a single word owing to the Smart Reply feature that learns and suggests responses and replies to a text or visual message in your way of doing the same. And what if you want to get creative with the photos that you send simply by doodling on them or even express yourself freely with the stickers in Google Allo. And guess what! No need to get into the headache of typing in ALL CAPS to make your point clear when all you have to do is speak a little louder or quieter. So in a word Google Allo is your personal Google Assistant that does all the work for you.

Google Allo
Google Allo
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


ELSA SpeakThe best way, perhaps, to learn the English language for a better approach to verbal speaking and pronunciation. The app is quite popular owing to the artificial intelligence technology and amazing response. The app has also won the SXSW’s Global Education Technology competition in 2016.

The artificial technology listens to your voice and corrects your pronunciation to the original way. ELSA is the world’s best English speaking app that helps you speak English fluently with the advanced speech recognition feature to increase your proficiency in  English language conversation.

ELSA Speak: Akzentcoach für Englisch
ELSA Speak: Akzentcoach für Englisch

Stiftr Magic Cleaner

Siftr Magic CleanerSo if you are a selfie addict or a Photoshop lover then you gotta try this Photo Cleaner app for all kinds of social media applications. The common issues of a Smartphone like slow, battery and limited space can be easily resolved.

Siftr Magic understands which photos and pictures are important to you and which ones are duplicate or just junk material that is piled upon your phone consuming the space. You can save your precious time by just letting the app do the work of cleaning your smartphone instead of wasting hours yourself.

Siftr Magic app has been featured by many professional and well-known bloggers as well and is regarded as the most intelligent and effective media cleaner app for Android.


HOUND App DownloadHound is another virtual voice assistant with an incredibly fast speed that lets you search the web just by giving orders and commands. Hound can easily follow your commands of any kind and query and quick responses at an amazing speed. You can search for any piece of information from music to general knowledge or anything under the roof.

Hound combines Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding and stands out as the fastest and most accurate independent voice assistant.

Recent News

Recent NewsRecent is one another artificial intelligence induced news app that provides you customised news according to your personal interests and provides, suggestions and related articles, that you might find interesting. So you can have a glance at the news summary among thousands of topics. You can also share the news with your friends on the social media platforms.

Recent News
Recent News
Price: Free

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