Best 5 Android Apps to Learn English Language 

English has been and continues to be the most popular language throughout the world and the best medium to communicate to the different linguistic cultures and communities. With the crazily increasing demand to learn English as a second language,  Android apps have been developed that help you achieve your target to master the language at your home or office,  providing you flexible timings according to your choice and availability.

Android apps have brought in a new era to the education industry as well and learning any language had never been this easy. So if you are a student eager to improve your communication skills in English language or you are a job seeker trying to find out a way to find better jobs that demand fluency in English language, then you will certainly find this article helpful. Remember that you cannot learn a language in a day.

You need to practice daily with utmost patience and consistency. The apps have perhaps become an easy opportunity for fun-loving individuals to grasp the language of their choice in a more comprehensive manner.

So here I have listed some of the best 10 android apps to learn English language and you can search for them to find out the one that suits you best.


Best 5 Android Apps to Learn English Language  1One of the most popular Android apps for learning English that provides the platform to about 300 million users giving them the access to a private tutor by means of technology across the world and was awarded the best app of the year in 2013. The positive point that adds to the features is that Duolingo enables you to learn any language playing live video games and completing specific targets which lead you to a sense of accomplishment once you have grabbed the entire base. Duolingo successfully replaces the dry and boring version of learning a new language and basically works on the theme of repeating practice-  Practice makes a man perfect. The app has pre-designed short and amusing lessons for each level that you reach, to keep you stay tuned to the app.

The co-founder of Duolingo Von Ahn commented that the majority of people who want to learn English want to pursue a better career and that it is not possible for everyone to hire professional expensive tutors. Hence the Duolingo app will be free forever.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Developer: Duolingo
Price: Free+

Learn English grammar

Best 5 Android Apps to Learn English Language  2

Another best educational android perhaps that lets you improve your grammar skills anywhere you want by spending some time daily on the app. Learn English grammar works for both beginners and advanced level learners and aims at improving accuracy in basic grammar ethics.  You will find a number of sets of objective type of questions according to your level of the language for intensive practice with a test at the end to figure out what you’ve learned. You can also access the help section to clear any queries regarding the questions which is supported in multiple languages.


Best 5 Android Apps to Learn English Language  3

The best android app awarded by Google play awards in 2017 which helps you to learn a language and speak as a native person would do. You can download the different courses and programs free of cost and work on them even if you are offline.  The app developers claim to be obsessed with using brain science and are one of the best professionals in their field. The app is designed according to the nature of the human brain and it’s learning instincts to grasp the previous lessons that have vivid memories and also as a leisure time fun activity which you can make use of sideways. The community offers multiple features like multimedia files, audio, video, mnemonics and visual texts so that you can learn in a more bright and wonderful environment.


Best 5 Android Apps to Learn English Language  4

Busuu works on the principle that you learn what you love. Rated by Google as the best app in 2015 English language learning has become easier  and effective with more than 60 million learners, Native speakers, and teachers. The app has especially in built features to learn basic skills like correct pronunciation of syllables, tips on grammar and extensive practice exercises on writing lessons, memory, and vocabulary. Moreover,  no internet connection is required and you can easily set a  particular goal to reach and start working on it.

Whether you ‘re traveling somewhere or waiting for someone or just want to solve some quiz, Busuu covers all the criteria you wish to grab.


Best 5 Android Apps to Learn English Language  5

Last but not the least,  Babbel stands as one of the most popular English language learning apps owing to its super convenient methods and technologies. The short easy to grab lessons of around 10- 15 minutes that automatically sync into your Smartphone so that you can start from the lesson where you ended last. Regular review sessions are provided to test your improvement with some of the high-quality self-paced courses. You can also try the speech recognition system to learn how to pronounce and communicate in the correct way. Babble is one of the exceptionally good apps that bring in altogether an awesome experience of online learning and education.

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