Using VPN in Android – 4 Popular VPN Apps for Android

A VPN is basically a Virtual Private Network that encrypts our requests to web servers and then transmits them. Some looking at our web traffic would only be able to see an encrypted message. This allows us privacy and security. In this guide, we’ll let you know that what are the commonly used VPN services and when to use them. We have given 4 popular VPN Apps for Android devices.

Popular VPN Apps for Android

When to use a VPN:

You might find the need to use a VPN for a number of reasons. From wanting to securely use a public Wi-Fi connection, to trying to access some web content that is not available in our country. Like a few years back, when YouTube was blocked in Pakistan. We might want to use a VPN to get rid of Internet Censorship put by certain authorities or to connect to the servers of our company even when we are out of the country. You might want to use it for certain updates that are not available in your country.

4 Popular VPN Apps for Android:

Here I shall list the commonly used and the best VPN services available:

Hide my IP:

Hide my IPBeing quite popular among the Android users, it is very simple to set up and quite user-friendly. And to ensure that you never get caught, it rotates your IP once in a while. It is available in free version as well as paid premium versions. There are no limits in terms of bandwidth or speed. It does not require you to root your device. The premium version offers some extra features like multi-device support, for Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS. As well as allowing the option to add up to five devices at a time. It gives you smart DNS Proxy service and gives you access to all IP locations from the service. To get the premium service, you need to pay $2.95 every month, or a one-time payment of $34.95. And for those of us who prefer not paying, the free version works just fine! Go ahead with it.  Visit its website at the following link.

Hide my IP - Android App

Hide My IP
Hide My IP
Developer: Hide My IP
Price: Free+


VyprVPNIt is a very popular and trustworthy VPN for Android. It offers its services on a variety of platforms like PCs, Macs, Android, iOS and even routers. However, its free version is limited, allowing a bandwidth of 500 MB only. This is quite a small bandwidth so if you are thinking of using this VPN, you definitely need to go for premium packages. The premium version is only $3 a month and allows unlimited bandwidth. One of the awesome thing about this VPN is that it gives you 70+ worldwide locations and up to 200000 IP addresses. It has a fast speed and strict data protection and privacy. Visit its website from this link.

VPN - Fast, Secure & Unlimited WiFi with VyprVPN

VPN: VyprVPN privat & sicher
VPN: VyprVPN privat & sicher

3. PureVPN:

PureVPNThis VPN is one of the best services for Android providing strict security and a vast platform support. It has some really great features, such as the Split Tunneling and Internet Kill Switch, which give it an edge over the other VPNs. When you are really conscious about privacy and security and want really fast speed, one of the best options to go for is PureVPN. Its free version provides up to 2 GB of VPN data. You should be good with this, but if you want a premium version, it would cost you t $11.00 per month. Visit its website at the following link.

PureVPN - Best Free VPN

VPN: VyprVPN privat & sicher
VPN: VyprVPN privat & sicher

4. OpenVPN Connect:

OpenVPNThis is a completely free VPN service and is commonly recommended for using an Android phone. It does not require you to root your device and is available freely at Google Play Store. Its interface is not very good and friendly but is okay. It does not offer many advanced features but does the basic tasks quite well. It can be downloaded from this link.

OpenVPN Connect Android

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