A Universal Guide To Unlock The HTC One X10 Bootloader

The HTC One X10 is really an amazing piece of work! If I had to describe the features of this phone in a single statement, I would say, it really is a BEAST in its functions. In short its equivalent in processing power to my laptop I had last year. This is a phone which can run anything you want and can not only be used for calling, texting, playing games etc. It is meant for much, much and much more. But by default, it is having some limitations, which are mostly from the company side. Those will limit different adaptations you want to make to your phone thus restricting the phone performance in one way or the other.

How come shall we overcome such limitations? It is a big question yet with a very simple answer. “UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER!!!”

A Universal Guide To Unlock The HTC One X10 Bootloader 1

Let’s have a general idea of what “Bootloader” is. It is a program that runs whenever you boot or reboot your phone.

Now coming to the point, if you want to uncork the possibility of what your phone is capable of, “UNLOCK” it, in order to further prepare your phone for better custom operations like updating a custom recovery, accessing the root and installing a custom ROM firmware, eliminating bloatware, adding MODs and a lot more.

Unlocking the bootloader is not all way official, whether carried out in an official or in an unofficial way, the procedure is quite the same. No matter what you go for, that will not make the difference, however, the warranty of your phone can get void but trust me IT IS WORTH IT!

The process will factory reset your phone, so your data on the phone like important messages, call logs, contacts, pictures, audios, videos, certain apps, most worth mentioning your personal official files might get corrupt during the unlocking process. What you are supposed to do in this case is “CONSIDER BACKUP!”

You can simply do it by syncing your files with the google account you are having, or use Google Play in order to download apps for it.

You are installing the unlocking app on your phone, so you will also use a computer for this purpose. Do download and install HTC One X10 software, also Android SDK on the computer. Then on your phone repeatedly click on the Build Number for about 10 times. By this way, you are cracking into the “Developer” options and from there the “De-Bugging” option and consequently the “UNLOCK” feature of your phone.

Also, download and extract “Fastboot Files” to your computer in a folder.

Now make sure that your device is at least 70% charged. Or else you can end up into Soft-Bricking your phone if your phone drains the charge in the midway you apply the steps mentioned below. So be careful about the charge and plug the charger in if the battery is about to die.

Register yourself on “HTCDev” and get an account, verify yourself, it is for free of course!

Now let’s just begin!

Read every step twice if you have to, no need to rush, go slow and make sure that you are going in a right way whatever you are doing.

Steps To Unlock The HTC One X10 Bootloader:

  1. On your computer, login into your HECDev account after you have it. Now click on UNLOCK BOOTLOADER” button to get started.
  2. You will see dropdown list under the supported devices on the right-hand side. After just selecting the “All Other Supported Models, click on the button “Begin Unlock Bootloader”.
  3. After confirming to some terms and conditions, you will be redirected to theUnlock Instruction Page“. (NOTE:  Do not follow the instructions on the website, just follow the ones in the post).
  4. Now switch your phone off and press the Power and Volume Down button to boot your phone into the bootloader mode. Now rest your phone on the desk and connect it to the computer through the data cable.
  5. We shall continue to work on the computer now, first let the computer’s window install all the necessary drivers. Open the windows device manager in order to confirm if all the drivers are installed correctly. At the same time, click on the Proceed button and skip the steps until Step 8 on the HECDev instruction page (yes, you really have to skip these two three steps).
  6. Open a Command Prompt on your computer with the Administrative Privileges (search for cmd in Start> Right click> Run as administrator), also navigate to the folder where you have extracted the Fastboot files.
  7. Now type fastboot devices in the command prompt and press enter. Now if your phone shows up, good to go, but if not, there might be something wrong with the HTC One X10 drivers.
  8. Again on the command prompt type “fastboot oem get_identifier_token” and press the enter. A long block f text will appear, click right anywhere on the command prompt, then select mark, now select all the text and copy it.
  9. Now move to the HTCDev page opened on your browser and paste the copied text in the text block under the section “My Device Identifier Token” at the page end and press the submit option.
  10. After receiving the mail from the HECDev website with a unique “Unlock_code bin file”, download and save the file to the folder where you extracted Fastboot files.
  11. Now copy/paste the command “fastboot flash unlocktoken unlock_code.bin” in the command prompt to start the process on your phone.
  12. You will see a disclaimer that will say that you will lose the warranty, the volume buttons are used to highlight your choice and the power button to make your selection, now if you press yes, your phone will be reset to its factory default setting and the bootloader on your phone will be unlocked.

Hurrah! you have done it, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your HTC One X10. Now, your phone is ready for any of the custom operations you want it to have. This is just the beginning if you want further Android related tips, stay tuned!

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